CORI & Annual Registration

The state of Massachusetts, Mass Youth Soccer (MYSA), and Milton Youth Soccer follow Adult Registration and CORI security background check procedures for all adults working with children. This now requires a mandatory ANNUAL Adult registration process with MYSA. You must be registered first to request the link to complete the required CORI background check. CORIs must be valid through the soccer season.

K-2, Champions League and Travel volunteers should ALL register under Milton Travel Soccer.

If you are in working with kids in Kindergarten through grade 2 or Champions League, PLEASE LIST YOUR POSITION AS "TEAM MANAGER."

After completing your registration send a copy of the signed two page CORI Acknowledgement Form and a copy of the front of your Driver's License as ID to the CORI Registrar at  [email protected].


Please click the link below and use the green returning user  LOGIN  button if you already have an account or the blue  Create New Account  button on that page to access the ADULT registration form.

Some tips about completing these items: 

  • You need to have a color head shot photo on the device you are using that can be uploaded.  Editing tools are available within the system for cropping and resizing. 
  • The selected photo must be a CLEAR, HEAD Only picture of you with NO others in the picture, no sunglasses, no hats, and sufficiently well lit to clearly see your face.
  • Our organization name is: Milton Travel Soccer
  • Be sure to use your legal first and legal last name
  • Your role will most likely be Coach or Assistant Coach; multiple roles may be checked off.

Once you have completed the MYSA Adult Registration process, you will receive a link via email to complete your CORI Submission Request. This email will be sent from [email protected]. For some people, the email has been ending up in spam folders, so please look for it there if you don't see it in your inbox. 

CORI Background Check

Use the link in email to access the CORI form which should be pre-populated with your account information. THIS is critical to complete. If you do not get the MYSA email from [email protected], you should call the help desk listed below!

  • You need to use the same logon and password that you used to set up the registration form to login to complete your CORI
  • Within the CORI, input only the last 6 digits of your SSN as requested not your whole SSN
  • Milton Youth Soccer is NOT able to see ANY of this information. It is kept CONFIDENTIAL. All that we receive back will be your name and your clearance status.
  • Milton Youth Soccer must receive this clearance from MYSA that an individual has been CORIed before you will be allowed to be on the field to help with the kids. We cannot submit your name on a roster until we have received the CORI clearance. CORIs are then good for 3 years!

The very final step in the CORI process, if a new form was required, is to provide validation of identification.  Two documents are needed.

First, print out a copy of the two page CORI Acknowledgement Form and SIGN the form on the first page where it has a line for signature of CORI subject. Along with a copy of the front of your Driver's License as ID, either SNAIL MAIL it to the address below or get those two documents into electronic form (scan or just take a legible picture) and email it to the email listed below:


To find your CORI Acknowledgement form to send in, if you didn't print it out originally, click on the Print Documents link under your picture in the My Accounts section. It is found in the CORI Submission Request line - Receipts & Forms 


Once you login to the MYSA system and get into your My Accounts section, you will see a tab labeled Applications. Click there to find the line for your CORI Submission Request and confirm that your Risk Status is Approved or not and it also shows your CORI Expire date, which must be beyond July 31 of the current soccer year.


If you are having issues with this system or do NOT receive the email with the CORI link, please contact tech support immediately. This system is not run by Milton Youth Soccer.

HELP!  Affinity Sports will have a team of support staff available to provide you with any help needed. Affinity has a fully staffed call center open:

10am EST to 10pm EST Monday – Friday and 10am to 7:30pm EST Saturday and Sunday.  

Also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year is their help request ticketing system, which is sent to all staff members day or night.   

Use 1-855-703-2558 for help.