Point32Health Fields

1 Wellness Way Canton, MA 02021

Fields are located at the southern end of the compound, below the baseball diamond. Parking is available in the garage.

Toilets are located by the baseball diamond in the parking garage.


Parents and coaches please keep an eye on your players at all times. We have seen players walking on the stone wall by the fountains.  If someone gets hurt field access will be suspended immediately.  As we have stated before, WE DO NOT WANT TO LOSE THIS AMAZING LOCATION. 

Please be responsible and respectful.  DO NOT PARK ON THE STREET OR ON THE GRASS, as stated above and in many emails, parking is only allowed in the garages.

Point32Health has a camera surveillance system and is sending Milton Soccer images of violations to our contract.  Please do not allow children to walk on the fountain walls.  If you have any questions let us know.  Don't ruin it for everyone else.

9v9 Coaches that play at Point32Health - Please feel free to send the following information to the coach that will be traveling to Point32Health to play against you in your home game:

"Point32Health at 1 Wellness Way in Canton. There is a purple sign next to Trillium, turn and follow the long driveway with an option to park at either parking structure (either work). Only park in a parking structure, no parking on the grass or road. The parking structures surround the field. We ask that you stay off of the patio, patio furniture and near the fountain. There are cameras surveilling the area."

Point32Health is the parent organization of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, and Tufts Health Plan. As a leading not-for-profit health and well-being organization we focus on delivering a better health care experience to our members and the communities we serve.

Milton Soccer needs to ensure a cooperative partnership with Point32Health as they have graciously provided us access to their fields.  Please do your part in ensuring that our kids have this space to play in the future.