Fields Closed - 18 April

raincheckMilton Soccer has been notified by Town of Milton that in addition to today, they have closed all Milton fields for tomorrow as well. There will be no events held on Milton fields Sunday April 18th. 

All practices and games scheduled for today and tomorrow will need to be cancelled. 

Drop-In Coaching Calls: Mondays at 8pm

We hope that all of our coaches' seasons are off to a good start and the kids are enjoying the spring soccer season.

Over the course of the season, we would like to organize drop-in Zoom meetings for all our coaches to share questions and answers with one another related to coaching soccer.

The first meeting was held on Wednesday, April 14th at 8pm.  We will continue these weekly calls every Monday at 8pm for 45 minutes.  We hope you will join us!

Spring 2021 Soccer Training Plans

Steel Soccer supports the coaches with weekly coaching sessions which have a handful of different drills and training based on level. Coaches will receive the sessions at the beginning of the season to review ahead of the season and use the drills needed for the team based on need and development.

These trainings are primarily intended for travel league and are available on the Coach Guidelines page of this website, which is an option off of the "Coaches" link in the menu bar above. K2+ coaches will receives their training plans weekly so all groups are focusing on the same skill for each team.

Coach 4v4 Grassroots Training

coachesOver 20 Milton Soccer coaches braved the wet, 42 degree weather on Sunday April 11th to attend the 4v4 grassroots training course. The course was well done and the coaches were into it. 21 coaches registering, watching an intro module, doing a two hour zoom call and braving a two hour session in the chilly weather is to be commended.

Thanks to board members Mike O'Hanlon, Jaime Levash, Tahani Rivers, Sophie Tobias, and Brian Johnson for promoting the course and thanks again to all of the coaches for attending!


Travel Uniforms and the Team Shop

As the Milton Soccer Spring 2021 Travel season approaches, it is important that all new players order a travelBackpacks uniform.  It's advisable that all travel players dig out their current uniform to ensure it still fits!

The Milton Soccer Team Shop has uniforms and other Milton Soccer clothing and gear, so check it out!  Items include:

  • No Room for Racism shirts, hats, and masks
  • Adidas warm up jackets, shirts, and hoodies
  • Scarves
  • And the newest addition:  Adidas Milton Soccer backpacks.  Very durable and well up to the job of carrying school gear too!

Please click here or the "Team Shop" option from the main menu bar at the top of this page.  Milton Soccer's Team Shop is open year round.

9th - 12th Grade Registration is Open

Registration is now open for grades 9-12 Spring 2021 season.  Please log onto and then click on "Register".  You will be placed on a waitlist until we know we have enough players to create teams.  Once released from the waitlist you can then log back in and pay.  Uniforms are included.

Games will be played on Sundays.  The season will begin on Sunday, April 25th and end on June 13th.  HS games will NOT be scheduled on the Memorial Day weekend.  

Parking at Milton Healthcare Field

Please park in designated parking lots ONLY.  We are at risk of losing our permit to use these fields for soccer, effective immediately. We are guests in our use of the fields, the space around the fields, and the parking lots. Please be polite and patient, but DO park ONLY in either the lot immediately to the left as you enter from Neponset Valley Parkway, or the lot behind Milton Healthcare. If there are no spots available, please drop off and arrange pick up. Parks and Rec suggest that the Milton Board regulate the area during all weekdays and weekends. We need your help to ensure we maintain our field permit. If you see anyone parking on the grass, please ask them politely to park in the lots.

Thank you for following COVID-19 Return To Play guidelines last weekend. For the most part, spot checks by the Board suggest that we were all doing our part to socially distance and wear face coverings at all times. Let’s keep this up so that we can continue a successful and fun season. It was great to see all the players this weekend enjoying the Beautiful Game.  Every game is a gift!

Milton Soccer Spring 2021 COVID-19 Modifications

Milton Soccer follows the rules of Mass Youth Soccer Association. Updates have been made from the Fall Season, so please read this email.

Overall Rules

  • Modifications have been lifted.
  • ALL players, coaches, referees, and specters must wear masks at all times, even in the parking lot.
  • Players’ masks must loop around their ears. No gators, vents or mesh masks.
  • Please only carpool if needed, wear masks and open windows, if possible.

Spectator Requirements

  • Limit on number of spectators per player have been removed.
  • Viewing on the sideline may be done 8 ft from the sideline.
  • To assist with social distancing requirements, spectators will be permitted to sit/observe the game from behind the goal.
  • Spectators are not permitted to observe the game from the coaches/teams side.
  • Participants are required to leave the field (including parking lot) IMMEDIATELY after their game has ended. Spectators arriving early should wait in the car until the field is clear.

Player Requirements

  • Avoid spitting, nose clearing on the field or spitting on gloves.
  • Bring their own equipment and extra masks, if possible. Belongings remain in their personal space of 6 ft apart.
  • Practice proper hygiene and have their own hand sanitizer with them.
  • No group celebrations, hugs, handshakes, fist bumps, etc.
  • No sharing of food or drinks
  • Leave immediately after practice. No recreational play or loitering is allowed.

Parent Checklist

  • Parents must monitor their child’s health. Take temperature. A temperature over 100.4°F
  • If your child has any symptoms, even mild ones, do not send them to practice or a game.
  • Notify the coach immediately if your child has become sick.
  • Ensure that your child has a water bottle, ball, cleats, shin guards, hand sanitizer, and extra masks (GK Gloves if necessary).
  • Ensure athletes arrive dressed for practice and leave immediately after practice.
  • No recreational play, or loitering is allowed.

Players who did not play during Fall 2020 season, complete the attached document and send it back to [email protected]. The form is fillable, just type in the required information using a computer. Or give it back to your coach.

Milton Soccer Participant Consent & Release Form 4.2021.pdf

Coaching Credentials

Hello Coaches!  Thank you for volunteering for Milton Soccer! Please complete the below requirements so our children can play this spring. Once all the requirements your Coaching Credentials will be printed. ALL coaches in all programs (K-2+ and Travel) are required to wear their coaching credentials at all practices and games.

It is a lot but it can be done in parts. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to [email protected].

  1. Register here: US Soccer Connect Registration Portal. Follow the instructions on the US Soccer Connect Registration Portal to register. 

    1. If you coached in or prior to the  Fall 2018- Spring 2019 or during the Fall 2020 season you should click on the above link and login as a “Returning User.” - if you forgot your password click reset password.

    2. If you started coaching in the Fall 2019 or Spring 2021 you should register as a “New User.” 

    3. Click here Adult Registration New User Guide or here Adult Registration Returning User Guide for help.

    4. Once you have logged on and completed the necessary information; wait for the confirmation email from MYSA. Using that email login again and click on “Certificates'' to see what trainings you need to complete - there will be links and access codes. 

  2.  Completed the SafeSport Abuse Prevention Training and be checked as verified/approved. (The first time you take it it’s long, every other season is a short refresher.)

    1. Click here for help: Safesport Training Help Guide

  3.  Complete the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Concussion Training and be checked as verified/approved. (Valid for 2 years if taken on or after July 1, 2019)

    1. Click here for help Setting up a CDC Account or here: Concussion Training Overview

As a participating adult, you are also required to review the Risk Management Policies listed below.  Please focus on steps 1-3 above before reviewing these policies.

Please let Jaymee Mannix ([email protected]) know if you have any questions.


No Room for Racism

No Room for Racism

Milton Soccer is committed to increasing player, coach, and board member diversity so that the program demographics accurately reflect that of our town. As an organization we stand behind and welcome all who wish to participate in Milton Soccer. By launching our ”No Room for Racism”  campaign, we want to show support for the families of Milton and renounce any racism they may have experienced in our town, schools, and sports. As a board we are making available No Room for Racism practice jerseys, beanies, and face masks that may be purchased in our Team Shop (available soon) and the voluntary wearing of these items.

We will also be displaying No Room for Racism banners at Milton Soccer Fields. We believe that the organization should be welcoming and actively anti-racist. Staying silent, especially now, shows acceptance of the status quo and our organization is committed to moving forward to a more welcoming and racially diverse program.

Milton soccer does not condone discrimination or bullying in any form. Practice jerseys, beanies, and masks will be available to parents who would like to purchase them, and it is a parental choice to have a player wear them.

Please click here if you would like to view and/or purchase these items from the store.  Thanks!


Milton Soccer Board