K2+ Program

The K2+ program is open to boys and girls in grades Kindergarten through 2nd Grade, and to 3rd graders who wish to continue playing Milton Soccer, but have not elected to play in the Travel program. K2+ is a 9 week program offered in the fall and spring.   This program runs on Saturdays and Sundays for 60 minutes. 

Our season begins on 17 & 18 April and runs through 12 & 13 June.  The times are:

  • Kindergarten Boys - Houghton's Pond:  8:00, 9:30
  • Kindergarten Girls - Houghton's Pond:  11:00, 12:30, 2:00
  • 1st Grade Boys - Milton Healthcare: 08:00, 9:30
  • 1st Grade Girls - Houghton's Pond: 08:00, 9:30
  • 2nd & 3rd Grade Boys - Milton Healthcare: 11:00, 12:30, 2:00
  • 2nd & 3rd Grade Girls - Houghton's Pond: 11:00, 12:30, 2:00

Please note that due to COVID-19 Social Distancing measure, teams will not play at the same time every week.  Your session could likely be 8:00 one week and 11:00 the next week.  PLEASE review the schedule and pop that into your phone.

Each week features a skills session followed by a controlled game.  All training supervised with professional instruction by Steel Soccer.  They're amazing.  K2+ is open to all Milton residents and students of all Milton Schools.  All games are played in Milton.  

There are no try outs for this league.  The fee is 85.00 which includes the uniform (shirt, shorts, and socks.)  Cleats and shin guards are highly recommended but are not mandatory.  Milton Soccer does not supply shin guards and cleats. 

Please review the information on this page and contact us if you have any questions.


  • K2+ and Pre-K: Practices are part of the gameday routine


  • Parents/Players are responsible for supplying their own cleats and shin guards for all of our leagues.
  • K2+ uniforms are included in the cost of registration and are sent to coaches ahead of season kick off.

Hardship Eligibility

  • Milton Soccer intends that no child be denied the opportunity to participate in the soccer program due to family financial positioning. Portions of player registration fees may be waived if special situations warrant such action.  Hardship registrations must be approved by the board.