Zero Tolerance Policy

“Officials call the game. Coaches coach the game. Players play the game.”


It is a privilege to play on a team and to be a part of Milton Soccer. Therefore, players must follow the Milton Soccer rules during all Milton Soccer activities including practices, games, tournaments and other organized Milton Soccer activities. In order to remain a player in good standing the player will follow the following rules and guidelines:

  • Treat opponents, officials and spectators with respect.
  • Adhere to the Milton Soccer/BAYS rules and policies.
  • Show good sportsmanship before, during and after training and games.
  • Respect officials and accept their decisions.
  • Win without boasting, lose without excuses.
  • Encourage parents and spectators to show respect and good sportsmanship.


Milton Soccer is honored to have incredible and supportive parents and spectators. It is important to remember that the players respond to the actions and behaviors of the spectators. Spectators are expected to demonstrate good sportsmanship and show respect to all of the players and officials by adhering to the following:

  • Do not coach players from the sidelines during the game.
  • Do not criticize the officials or coaches.
  • Cheer and support all players regardless of the outcome.
  • Communicate with the coach and create a supportive relationship.
  • Understand and respect the different roles of parents and coaches.
  • Understand that improper behavior at an event may result in a parent beingasked to leave field or event by a referee or other official and respect that action.
  • At all times show empathy for the young developing soccer player.
  • Adhere to Boston Area Youth Soccer (BAYS) zero tolerance policy.


Officials are responsible for conducting the game through enforcement of the rules of the game. As such, they need to insure that they consistently interpret actions on the field and fairly apply the enforcement of the laws. Officials are expected to:

  • Know the rules and understand the game.
  • Place safety of the players above all other considerations.
  • Treat players and coaches courteously and demand the same from them.
  • Work cooperatively with fellow referees and linesmen.
  • Be fair, firm and consistent in all decisions on the field.
  • Maintain confidence, poise and self-control from start to finish of the game.

BAYS Zero Tolerance Policy

All individuals responsible for a team and all spectators shall support the referee. Failure to do so will undermine the referee’s authority and has the potential of creating a hostile environment for the players, the referee, and all the other participants and spectators. 

Consequently, BAYS has adopted and modified the following rule:

  • No one, except the players, is to speak to the referee during or after the game. Exceptions: Coaches may ask questions before the game, call for substitutions and point out emergencies during the game, or respond to the referee if addressed.
  • Absolutely no disputing calls, during or after the game, no remarks to the referee to watch certain players or attend to rough play. NO YELLING at the referee, EVER, and no criticism, sarcasm, harassment, intimidation, or feedback of any kind during or after the game.
  • Violators may be ejected and are subject to disciplinary action by the BAYS Sportsmanship Review Committee.

If coaches or spectators have questions regarding particular calls, rules, or a referee, or wish to give feedback regarding a referee, please contact the town soccer club’s referee coordinator for the game in question, or contact the BAYS Referees Representative at


Mass Youth Soccer Codes of Conduct and Zero Tolerance Policy: