Interested in Refereeing?

Milton Soccer is looking to add to our Referee Team – ALL Players, Parents, Coaches, and Board Members (aged +14) are Welcome!

Benefits of Becoming a Certified Referee:

  • Money:  Flexible, fun job with starting pay of $35.00/game. 7v7 referees earn $40.00/game!

  • Friendships:  Working with peers in a supportive environment

  • Community:  Giving back to Milton Soccer soccer players by providing a safe, fair, and fun environment for them to compete

  • Growth:  Referees gain confidence, strong leadership qualities, and great communication skills

  • Future:  Looks great on college applications / job resumes

  • Love of the game:  Enhance your own understanding of soccer to improve your own game

  • Family Bonding: If a parent and a teenager both get certified, they can remain involved in the youth soccer game and share a new set of experiences on the field now that the parent coach/player time has ended.


Go to: - steps-to-become-referee for easy, step by step directions to become a referee! 

  1. Create an account and enroll in one of the New Grassroots Referee – Entry Level courses:

    • Courses get added all the time so be sure to check frequently. MSRC Course Schedule

    • Pay the $115 registration fee 

  2. Be sure to Register ASAP for one of the Field Sessions as they are added, if you did not enroll in an all-inclusive course

    • If we have enough new referees, MSRC will try to schedule a session near our town.

  3. Create an account on U.S. Soccer Learning Center:

  • Directions are on Mass Ref (on the Steps to Become a Referee page), including a YouTube video

  • Use the same email as your Mass Ref account – this will link your accounts for flow of information

  • Complete the pre-course online study modules 

  • Watch the video on Intro to Safe Playing Environments

  • If over 18, complete the online background check and the SafeSport Certification

If you plan to earn certification, please email me at [email protected]  so I can add your name to my New Referee Certification Tracker. I am happy to provide any necessary support as you work your way through the process.

We look forward to having you on our Milton Soccer Referee Team!   

-Bryan Taylor
Milton Soccer Referee Assignor