K-2 Coach's Opening email to Families Template

New to coaching?  After receiving your assignment you may have been asked to reach out to your team familes.  Here is a rough idea of what you should communicate to them.  Use as much or as little of this as you see fit.  Add your own style and personality if you're feeling ambitious.  Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the experience!


Hi everyone!

My name is <John or Jane Doe> and I'll be coaching your Milton Youth Soccer <gender> <grade> team <team name>!  I'm really excited to see you all and looking forward to getting started!  The season gets underway on <date and time>.  We'll be playing our games at <location>.


These will be delivered to my house and hopefully in time for me to get them to you before the first game day.  Milton Soccer provides shirts, shorts and socks.  Soccer cleats and shin guards are a must-have and you will need to provide those.

The Season:

The program is scheduled to run 9 Saturdays from <date> and we will be playing at <location> from <time> to <time>.  We'll have 45 minutes for practice and 30 minutes of game time versus an opposing team. 


Be sure to bring water.  Sunscreen isn't a bad idea either.  A light and healthy snack is also a good idea and typically we ask parents to volunteer on a rotating basis to bring something like orange or watermelon slices.

As soccer is played in many weather conditions parents should bring some folding chairs if they don't want to stand.  


I can be reached on <phone> and at <email>.  If you have any questions, just let me know!

See you soon!