Champions League

The Champions League is open to boys and girls in grades 3 through 5 and is a 10 week program.  Champions League is open to all Milton residents and students of all Milton Schools. All Champions League games are played in Milton.

There are no try outs for this league.  All teams will be named after Champions League clubs (e.g. Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, etc.)

The fee is $100.00 which includes the uniform shirt, shorts, and socks.  Shin guards, cleats or sneakers are required.  Teams will play one game per week on Sundays with referees, official soccer rules, including throw ins, corner kicks and goal kicks.

Coaches will hold 1 practice during the week and there will be 1 clinic during the week per grade, run by Steel Soccer professional coaches.  Coaches are expected to hold G and F licenses.


Hardship Eligibility

  • Milton Soccer intends that no child be denied the opportunity to participate in the soccer program due to family financial problems. Portions of player registration fees may be waived if special situations warrant such action.  Hardship registrations must be approved by the Registrar, with input from the President as needed.  Other Board Members, including the President, do not have the authority to approve hardship registrations but may submit a request to the Registrar. The full registration fee will be charged unless a lesser fee is pre-approved. A refund will be issued if a hardship case is approved after