Parking Issues at Fields: Please Help

Parking is a BIG ISSUE at many of the Milton Soccer fields. Please adhere to the below rules for the last week, especially with evaluations coming up. 

Flatley/MHC:  Please park in designated parking lots ONLY, which is the parking to the left as you enter from Neponset Valley Parkway or behind the building.  Any spots outside of that are off limits and potentially your car will be towed.  We are guests at that field, so if someone asks you to move, please be polite and do so.  Only do drop-offs in front of the building, NOT in front of the parking lot off Neponset Valley Parkway.  It backs up traffic into the road and makes it difficult for people leaving and arriving.   

Houghton’s Pond:  We are guests at the park and need to abide by the same parking rules as anyone else who parks there.  In the past, they have towed cars that park in NO PARKING zones.  Please don't be one of those cars.