Women Coaches Wanted!

Milton Soccer needs more women coaches in all of our programs. Youth Sport - at all levels of sport - is disproportionally coached by men, despite growing numbers of female participants.  Women coaches are very valuable female role models for the kids in our community.  Please see Why Women Sport Coaches Matter.  

For the fall of 2021 in all of our programs we currently have 69 female and 114 male volunters.  In our Travel Soccer program we have 29 female and 75 male coaches.  And on our board we currently have 5 female and 19 male members.  We would love to see these numbers closer to equal.

Milton Soccer will reimburse you for Mass Youth Soccer coaching courses.  We are working hard to improve our coach development program as well.  As a volunteer coach with Milton Travel Soccer you get to pick the day and time for practice that works best for your schedule.  (I realize this is trickier in the spring when soccer competes with other sports for field space but you still get to decide when practice takes place.)  You can also request to have a co-coach who can help out and cover for you when needed.

Women can coach!  

We would love to answer questions or concerns you might have about coaching or if you need assistance signing up to coach through AdminSports.  Please feel free to reach out to myself by replying to this email or our other female board members; Jaime Levash at [email protected], Tahani Rivers at [email protected], Jaymee Mannix at [email protected] and Sophie Tobias at [email protected].

We hope to see more women coaches in the fall!