2017 Milton Soccer Referee Team of the Year

Milton Soccer is pleased to announce their 2017 Referee Team of the Year. Gustavo Arnal, Nicholas Sommer, and Justin Chan have been serving the program with excellence for many years. The referee program has more than 70 members, mostly made up of High School and Middle School students. Every Spring and Fall season our referees are striving for excellence as they work to provide a safe and fair playing environment for the soccer players in the Milton Soccer Travel program and the Milton Championship League. The hard work by these referees allows the girls and boys in the Milton Soccer programs to play their full potential.

Head Referee - Gustavo Arnal: Milton Soccer had its largest influx of new referees in recent years, and nearly all of them worked their first game under Gustavo‚Äôs supervision. These referees were in good hands. With excellent communication skills, abundant enthusiasm, and an experienced handle on the game, he was able to carefully introduce these new referees to the many rules and techniques of managing the game of soccer. And Gustavo did this while making sure that they were sheltered from the emotional conflict that can spring up at any moment in a game, from players , coaches, and parents. Gustavo has been working as a referee for Milton Soccer for many years, his knowledge of the rules of the game are well-honed, and he is an invaluable asset to the organization.

Senior Assistant Referee - Nicholas Sommer:  For many seasons Nicholas has been a referee that Milton Soccer could depend on to handle high level, competitive games. With poise and confidence, he has been a model of skill and self-control in challenging games. He has the courage to step into playoff games, and games at division 1A, and guide those games to a satisfactory outcome. Nicholas also has saved the day many times by taking on 4 to 5 games in a weekend, working with our youngest players to our oldest. Games with different aged players and varying division levels require different approaches by the referee. Nicholas can move from one game to the next regardless of age and level, and make the right adjustments to reach excellence as a referee.

Junior Assistant Referee - Justin Chan:  Justin has also taken on demanding workloads this season which requires a high amount of athleticism. Perhaps our most meticulously prepared referee, Justin carefully runs through pregame preparations to ensure a smooth game. His excellence in game management allows both players and coaches to push their games to the edge while ensuring safety and fairness. This season Justin was head referee for games in division 1A, grade 10 girls, and grade 12 boys, which are all tremendous challenges.

2016 Referee Team of the Year

  • Head Referee - Mick O'Hanlon
  • Senior Assistant Referee - Scott Yuen
  • Junior Assistant Referee - Amalia Halpin

2015 Referee Team of the Year

  • Head Referee - Gustavo Arnal 
  • Senior Assistant Referee - Madeline Riordan
  • Junior Assistant Referee - Matteo Mastandrea



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